FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Baseball Positions for 2013 were updated for the 2013 MLB season.

Below is the criteria we use(d) to determine eligibility and what we will do moving forward:

1) Position players (non pitchers) earned eligibility for the 2013 season based on having to have made 10 starts at the respective position in 2012.

2) Eligibility(ies) will not be taken away until we reset them in 2014 for the 2013 season. What you see now will NOT go away. All player eligibility now will only be added to. For instance, if you own Aroldis Chapman, though he's expected to start, he will start the year as a RP, and will have to earn SP eligibility. There is still ambiguity here and with players of his like, we'll let the respective teams (Reds) take care of their situation -- fleaflicker.com. Any player who is not eligible at a position -- but expected to play there and start there in 2013 -- will have to gain the eligibility this year in 2013 by starting 7 GAMES there THIS season. Players will not move over until this happens -- they must earn it, even if they are scheduled to start there, or are starting there in spring training, it must be earned.

Pitchers must make 3 starts or appear in 8 RP outings to earn eligibility there (so if you're counting on Chapman as a SP, he will move to a P after 3 starts).

3) Pitchers are placed in our system by the statistics provider we use. We go over them to make sure all the SP are starting pitchers and RP are relief pitchers and the ones listed as "P" are usually in the middle like long-relief guys. Many farm players are correctly listed as a P with no definitive position in the majors. Pitchers like Matt Harvey of the Mets who had been listed as a P last year in 2012 are now correctly listed as SP for 2013. Wilhelmsen is an example of a player who moved from a P to a RP in 2013 as well according to our algorithm - fleaflicker.com

4) If the player did not qualify for a certain position last season (they didnt appear in 14 games at a position or did not make 10 starts there), eligibility was given to the position they started the most games at in most cases, though there are case-by-case circumstances.

5) There are rare instances where we look at players on a case-by-case basis, e.g., it would have been unfair to not have given Victor Martinez his C status when the last full season he started over 10 games at the position (he played 0 total games in 2012 due to injury and 2011 is the last season we are going by here for him). If he does not catch at all in 2013, he'll lose the eligibility in 2014; but for 2013, Martinez will be C eligible -- and there are certain players that are case-by-case circumstances (like Buster Posey last year) and may be changed up until opening day, though we don't foresee any changes. Cespedes was an example of someone we had to change late last year right before opening day as he was signed so late in March before A's opening day -- so while nothing is set in stone, only under the rarest of circumstances will players be moved and guessed on or stray away from the above rules -- Martinez is an exception and here is a good article on him and why our team is not moving him - baseballguys.com

6) Rookies, farm-system players, and in some cases 2nd-year players are given their farm position eligibility. Other farm-system players that are not there will be added as the season goes by (like Straily was added last year) when our stats department receives their official information.

7) Any player with 45 or less fantasy points accrued for 2012 in the Flea default scoring system was not changed as the sample size was too small (only affected a handful).

If you guys have any questions on player position eligibility, see glaring ERRORS or BUGS here and think players should be changed and that we're incorrect, please CONTACT our staff and reach our team so our department that handles position changes can get back to you.

Unfortunately I won't be able to respond individually to requests here because I am not solely in charge of these changes. Many outside consultants were used and we can't respond to your requests individually in a forum; however, if you want to e-mail us, we will definitely get back to you. Please contact us if you have any questions - fleaflicker.com

Alaska_Dave 4 years ago

Good morning,

First of all thank you for writing this well and detailed useful information. I'm writing in regards about a specific player (Bogaerts). Last season 2013, he started 6 games at both SS and 3B. He only qualified as a SS for flea flicker albeit playing in one more game at 3B. I'm assuming this is a case by case or farm system issue (see 4-6). Could this change before opening day or is this set in stone?

TIA, David

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

This was updated for 2014, but basically the same above rules apply.

Xander would fall under Rule 4 where at the end we ruled him as a case-by-case circumstance. He was only among 2 or 3 players we did this with for the year. Again, please contact us with questions regarding eligibility because they'll be able to better help: fleaflicker.com

Here is 2014 as well: fleaflicker.com

RaiderSteve420 4 years ago

Hi Hal, I'm still here. Just a quick question. Jesse Chavez is listed as RP but he is scheduled to be the 3rd pitcher in the rotation for the A's. Straily is 4 and Milone is 5 and when Griffin comes back one of those will go to pen or Sacremento. So my question is will Chavez's status be changed? I ask because one of my leagues only has 1 RP slot so I will have to sit my closer when Chavez starts. Thanks.

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

Like Scheppers in Texas & Smyly in Detroit, Chavez was strictly out of the bullpen last year and it's too late right now to make changes manually as the season started. He would have to earn eligibility after the 3rd start for a pitcher according to our rules. If you need help on other players, please contact our support staff at fleaflicker.com directly and they're usually faster and better equipped to help with position changes.