Maves 5 years ago


We currently are drafting a new dynasty league on Flea but are now wondering if we need to stop the draft and add another team while moving to a 2 division league? We'd like to keep it as is, but how would our auto generated schedules work out if we did do that?

How many byes and when and how many interdivision games would it schedule if we have a 22 week season with a 3 week playoff system?

Any and all serious advice is appreciated and FF MOD input is probably needed.


FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

You can regenerate the schedule after the draft or manually edit the schedule then too as well. When you reschedule your league, it will give you options on how many times you want to play division games that will give you the answer. You are playing 22 weeks, some teams will have more byes than others.