Glen442 5 years ago

We submit our players weekly and locked for the week. One team have goalie brodeur as a starter for the week. Yesterday he traded brodeur. And now he got an empty slot in his starting lineup. I thought brodeur will remain and locked til end of the week(Sunday). Is there anywhere on the set up where I can freeze the players til end of the week even the trade was being made?

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Trades will go through and players will move in weekly leagues if the player's team has not locked yet.

You executed the trade before Brodeur had played a game this week (technically in a trade he'll lock at 3AM ET), so he moved. If you executed it today, he would not have.

Your best bets 1. Go to Commish Options>Edit Rosters and then Commish Options>Set Starting Lineups and insert Brodeur, and then next week move him back 2. You can go to Commish Options>Edit Past Box Score on Monday and add up his points and add them to DogRiver's team next week.

Glen442 5 years ago

Sorry, and even the team can't even replace with another goalie because the the lineup is locked. As a commish, I don't even want teams to replace with another players during the week.