coltfan89130 5 years ago

I have 10 teams in my league. Top 4 go to the playoffs for weeks 15 and 16. That is set up correctly. I want the bottom 6 teams to go to the Toilet Bowl. Week 15 is playoff format (5 vs 10; 6 vs 9 and 7 vs 8). Winners of those head to head matchups play week 16 with the high score that week winning the Toilet Bowl. How can I set that up - right now, teams 9 and 10 have been eliminated from the consolation bracket.

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Because the nature of how your bracket is set up, unfortunately you can't add weeks just for consolation (it has to follow suit with the regular league's bracket). We will go ahead and score for you teams 9 and 10 now under the section that has the Scoreboard to the right on Top Scores and you can manually see who would have won.

I would give the top 2 teams byes out of the Toilet Bowl, include teams 9 and 10 and see how it plays out; since you won't finish in time. It's a limitation of how the structure of the bracket is.