jefro85 Oct 11 '78

What happened to the wk 17 scoreboard? It was there last night fine and this am - none of my teams show lineups or scores? Did something get wiped out on accident. I made no changes to the lineups since Sun AM.


jefro85 Oct 12 '78

will the standings update for the week 17 results...or does that happen on Tues.

Stow_Steve Oct 11 '78

Our Week 17 results are not showing.

FleaMod Admin Oct 11 '78

Your season ended Week 16, to tally Week 17 points, go to the roster page manually before 6am Tues. This is separate from the thread's issue.

MM82363 Oct 11 '78

12:30pm Eastern

Our league has this issue too.

fleafounder Admin Oct 11 '78

Can you please look again? I'm seeing your week 17 results here.

MM82363 Oct 11 '78

2:06pm Eastern

Yes...results are back. Thanks.

fleafounder Admin Oct 11 '78

We're investigating, we'll have an update shortly.

fleafounder Admin Oct 11 '78

We're still trying to identify the exact cause but we were able to restore week 17 rosters and scoreboards for all leagues that were active during week 17.

If you are still seeing incorrect or empty results please let us know. Thanks.

Cataylst Oct 11 '78

Same issue here, and our rosters have been wiped out!! Whats up ???

pigskinguru Oct 11 '78

Yes, also a member since 2008. Started a dynasty or 8 keeper league. We also play SB in week 17. Everything was fine last night and now its all wiped out. Please clarify when you know what the issue is.

jefro85 Oct 11 '78

so how do I fix this?

jefro85 Oct 11 '78

we didn't have a playoff in regular season (never have) or a super bowl so not sure what they did...please reset soon. Thanks!