JayAllDay Jul 26 '11



deaaggie Jun 22 '13

Any news on an android app before 2013 season?

FleaMod Admin Jun 23 '13

The new version has been tested and optimized for all devices and specifically for the Android OS. So in turn, we believe and hope the need for a native app was addressed with our new mobile-optimized version. You and the users in your league can bookmark the site now like an app.

I hope this helps. We are listening and do appreciate your suggestions and input though.


JayAllDay Jul 09 '13

I noticed that. looks pretty good.

bossfrog Aug 04 '13

Is the draft room still on Java? If so. The website is NOT Android friendly. Fleaflicker is the only major FF site that still doesn't have a proper android app. Very disappointed and will probably be our last year on Fleaflicker.

FleaMod Admin Aug 06 '13

We hear you and are working on this now. It's tops on our priority to revamp the draft room and make it mobile friendly with auctions and much more, but won't have it in time for this year, sorry.

bossfrog Aug 07 '13

Thanks for the reply. It sounds like you guys know how much you're behind the curve right now. That's a good sign. Git 'er done by next summer and we'll stay around.

BGottschalk Aug 10 '13

No drafting from my phone? Are you serious? I have two leagues I'm looking to move. Looking at Yahoo, ESPN and NFL.com. Any advice on who has the best mobile app that you CAN draft in?

El_Dictator Aug 31 '13

Actually, they have been way ahead of the curve for over half a decade. I am only now able to stand Yahoo - who had to get a new team last year for their Fantasy Football. And that's because Yahoo is just now adding features that have been staples at FleaFlicker for years. I'm trying to decide which product to purchase (probably EDGE) just to support what has been by far a better experience overall. I'm speaking as the commish of several leagues - the flexibility I've had here for custom settings, settling disputes, making reasonable accommodations, etc., has been great. And all that without the clutter and nonsense (still not cluttered with the ads IMO).

I can understand being frustrated if you need to be able to draft from your phone. If that's a big need for you this year, then I certainly don't mean deride you for it at all. Just wanted to put my $.02 in on where FleaFlicker has been with regard to features and overall experience.

Wetzilla May 04 '13

This is preventing me from using your site. I would love to set up all my leagues here, but I need an android app.

joe5370 May 08 '13

agree with this post. I have three Leagues waiting to be transfered.

El_Dictator Aug 31 '13

An app for what? Drafting from the phone? Yeah, I can definitely understand not transferring for that reason if your league needs that capability.

But otherwise, a good mobile website (now often referred to as an "app" by developers) is more useful - the industry is dropping apps as a fad because good mobile websites do almost all of it better.

chucklehead22 Feb 20 '13

I'm keeping my fingers crossed we'll have one for the 2013 NFL season...

WoodChipper Jan 13 '13

The app on the ipod isnt that great so you arent missing out on much.

Gael13 Jan 09 '13

Any news????

MrChance Dec 13 '12

I don't understand what everyone is complaining about, I have a Droid Inc2 and can use the browser built into the phone to get into my Flea team and do everything that I can do online? Why is an app needed? Just have a bookmark on your home screen and your fine....

k0ngen Dec 18 '12

At least they could make their site more smartphone friendly...

ThePenguins Dec 11 '12

so no android app. sad. guess ios was their only focus. shouldnt have been too hard to create a single app and port to both platforms. its not rocket science. though i used the web interface on my note. remember android has a pretty large user base and you pretty much left off 50% of the users in the dark because of the over sight and the super enhancements.

my suggestion to everyone is use the web interface. it works. use chrome and set as desktop so you use the full web and not a mobile site. at least the site is fast and works instead of like cbs that has major issues and is slow because of the ad's

JayAllDay Dec 11 '12

I've giving up. Yes chrome has giving me a nice experience. I just bookmarked the site and added a shortcut to my home screen.

[Deleted User] Dec 05 '12

No app then....... switching to ESPN next year