FFCSR_Doug Jul 16 '75

As you may have noticed on the sign in page, Fleaflicker will be offering fantasy basketball and hockey very soon. As soon as both are made available on the site we will provide more information.


The-Dark-Knight Jul 19 '75

Can you please help out a Fantasy Basketball Rookie? Don`t understand the standard Starters.

First 5 I understand but what is "G" and "UTIL"? And any suggestions for the scoring rules?

Thx DK

InSpades Jul 19 '75

G means any guard (PG or SG) and UTIL means any position.

The-Dark-Knight Jul 19 '75


springlesinc Jul 19 '75

honestly, I think you are over extending yourself. The football site still needs a lot or work. Why dont you work on fixing that and putting in all the things you have said that you would rather than starting hockey and basketball, especially if its not in time for the start of the hockey season.

XxJohnson_09xX Jul 19 '75

yea thats very true

bkardane11 Jul 19 '75

Well now when they update things, it updates for all sports. At this point the time used to put those in can't get back but I mean it's not much extra work because they all run on the same system, so an feature update for football goes for baseball as well.

InSpades Jul 19 '75

By starting the hockey and baseball leagues late you, in essence, get a chance to 'beta' the sites and make sure everything is running properly for a full season next year.

I know it'll take me a while to tweak the scoring rules for my hockey league when I move it over next year.

And, as mentioned, there are so many similarities between the various sports sites that now, when you tweak one, you can tweak them all at the same time.

Football's running pretty smoothly now anyway (still waiting for double-headers though :) ).

All in all, I think Fleaflicker is doing a great job. How many other sites listen to the users and make changes throughout the season as tweaks are required? None that I know of.

springlesinc Jul 20 '75

I do think its nice that fleaflicker listens to its users but it seems to take a long time to put in features that its users ask for. I dont expect things to be done as soon as they are asked for but you cant tell me that adding hockey and basketball hasnt taken time away from working on some of the features for football.

FFCSR_Doug Jul 20 '75

What features would you like most?

hoss8640 Jul 22 '75

Injured reserve spots

FFCSR_Doug Jul 23 '75

You can already add injured reserve spots and customize the minimum IR designation (commish options > edit roster requirements > custom > add or edit IR)

springlesinc Jul 24 '75

message board (its awful), polls, pick em (to pick the winners of the fantasy games in your league), and scoreboard (maybe a league chat and a way to go from game to game without going back.

These are things that others have suggested and I know you are working on or considering. Hockey should not be a priority at this point. The message board should be. I am saying this as a customer and as someone who is thinking of your business model. Dont overextend yourself early. Build slowly but incrementally. And build strong.

XxJohnson_09xX Jul 17 '75


XxJohnson_09xX Jul 17 '75

thanks flea flicker, this seems very cool that you guys have hockey now. i think that flea flicker is at least 10x better now since it has hockey, keep up the good work guys.

InSpades Jul 16 '75

YES! Like previously mentioned, too bad it's not up in time for hockey this season, but I WILL be moving my league over from Yahoo! for next season!

Congrats, that's AWESOME!

ssuperflash Jul 16 '75

I have mized feelings about this...

Niceplace Jul 16 '75

I'm in the same boat. Just finished on ESPN but love Flea Flicker for football. would have loved to have had it on here too.

ndog78 Jul 16 '75

Cool! To bad Hockey wasn't up and running now, we just did our team fan site hockey league on ESPN.