fleafounder Admin Jun 12 '75

If you've had a keeper league here for at least one season, you can now view past drafts round-by-round.

This is much more convenient than paging through the transaction log.

For example, here is my keeper league's 2005 draft.


ChadDidion Jun 13 '75

Yes, I've had a league here for 3 seasons, none have been keeper leagues. Just this year I wanted to start a bio on my owners including doing a recap of each owners top 5 picks from the previous seasons. Just this year I notice there is no draft archive.

Seems weird. Hope this is added for non keeper leagues at some point in the future, it would be helpful.

Broflowski Jun 12 '75

Why is it only for keeper leagues? It'd still be helpful for redrafts to get an idea of owner draft tendencies. Nice feature, though.

fleafounder Admin Jun 13 '75

You're right. We clear the transaction logs of redraft leagues each year, which is stupid.

I'll make the change so don't clear draft transactions and I'll also try to restore some of the past season's redraft transactions from our backup databases.

mstewart Jun 13 '75

I'd just like to view this years draft. I'm the commish of a redraft league. Is that possible? Our draft was just last week.

Volt Jun 12 '75

Great addition. It is always nice to look back at the draft and see how many mistakes you make for drafting certain players at certain spots.