thekingofsecond May 30 '75

How to post pictures to the message board?

I am a novice user....please give step by step detail.


ssuperflash May 30 '75

Also, if you look at an image on Photobucket, it tells you the html code for it.

ssuperflash May 30 '75

luke1982 May 30 '75

Coorlighters May 30 '75


fleafounder Admin May 30 '75

Use can use basic HTML.

You can read about the IMG tag here:

DARKSEID May 30 '75

html Pictures, Images and Photos

thekingofsecond May 30 '75

Thanks but I am not knowledgeable enough on html to make heads of tails out of the info at the link.

The AOL message board allowed you to just copy a picture from your computer directly onto the message board. Is this possible? Can you add this ability? If not, can you take the time to provide a more detailed response?

My league members are still clamoring for the ability to post really enhanced the trashtalking

Volt May 30 '75

jstrenk81 Jun 18 '77


DARKSEID May 30 '75

question mark Pictures, Images and Photos

Wookieefoot Jun 18 '77


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