fleafounder Admin Jun 30 '71

There has been a lot of confusion about our decision not to include fantasy points from defensive points and yards allowed rules in our live scoring.

From now on, these rules WILL be included in the live scoring to give the most accurate results possible. You might notice that team defenses are scoring lots points in the first quarter. This is just because they haven’t yet given up many yards and points and they’re awarded the necessary bonuses. These points will be taken away as necessary throughout the game.

We also added several new features:

* The much requested league rosters page. Many users wanted to see all the league rosters on one page so now you can. Click “All Rosters” from the sub-menu under the “League” tab.

* Team position strengths. You can now view a breakdown of each team’s exact positional strengths. This is useful in proposing/assessing trades.


BengalsFan99 Jul 04 '71

i am the league owner of my team and i would like to see the order that the members go in. Is that possible?

Kev Jul 04 '71

Hi Steven,

I'm not sure I understand your question. Can you please be more specific?


BengalsFan99 Jul 04 '71

League Question

Can you look at the draft lineup before the draft as the owner?

Edmunds19 Jul 03 '71


You have to first designate the player you are benching to the bench using the scroll down bar next to his name. After you have done this you will then be able to move a bench player into that open starting position.

minnowman Jul 03 '71

anybody, i claimed a player off waivers today and he now is on my bench .how do i get him to the replcaement spot on line up.it wont let me put him in the line up. what am i doin wrong?