fleafounder Admin Aug 06 '09

We released a new feature today that allows waiver claims to be resolved using a blind bid auction instead of (often rank-based) priority.

How it works

In the past claims for the same player were awarded to the team with the best waiver position.

Now you can use a blind-bid auction system. Here, players are awarded to the team that submits the highest bid (if there is a tie, the player will be awarded to the team with the worst rank). Each time one of your claims is processed, the bid amount will be deducted from your remaining budget.

How to set it up

Edit your league's waiver claim options and select the initial budget for each team (also editable on a team-by-team basis throughout the year).

You can manage your claims as usual on your team's waiver claims page.

How to test it out

If you are curious as to how this works or you want to help test this for football, create a baseball league. The waiver options are exactly the same as in football.

Let us know if there are any problems or if you have any suggestions.



pauls Aug 28 '09

What happens after the first round of bidding is done (i.e. on Wednesday). Does it go back to the first come first serve option? Do the dropped players go into waivers again and the bidding system does another round?

fleafounder Admin Aug 28 '09

You can submit as many claims as you want--we'll process them all.

After claims process on Wednesday (or whatever day your league selects) all players not dropped during the claims are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

bungle613613 Aug 27 '09

OK, looked through the thread and can not find any info on this. Why can't we utilize blind bidding or even regular waivers prior to week 1? It doesn't make sense to me to not allow players to be claimed on a waiver system in preseason.

Volt Aug 27 '09

Because the waivers are game-start waivers, i.e. begin when the games start every week. Players who are dropped from a roster during the preseason will be put on waivers for the time assigned to dropped players.

bungle613613 Aug 27 '09

Fair enough... I'll throw this in suggestions as well, but all my leagues prefer a full waiver system even in presesason rather than a free for all. You should be able to utilize the game-start system in preseason as well.

ColonelMustard Aug 28 '09

Can you please explain why waiver system isn't working? As far as I know the commic has option of allowing pre-season waivers or not. I have not tried to process a waiver but we were able to last year.


FantasyGuru1965 Aug 18 '09

Funny thing about the blind bid waiver thing is this. In every league I am in, it has been put to a vote to either keep waivers at worst to first or switch to the new option and very few like the idea and want to switch. It seems 90% like the worst to first option... just sharing an observation.

DARKSEID Aug 18 '09

True, I was hoping it would pass in your league so I could give it a try but that doesn't look like it is going to go through.

fleafounder Admin Aug 18 '09

It didn't pass in my most important keeper league either.

It doesn't make sense to me. The whole point of waivers is to allow equal access to free agents. Blind bid auctions are better in that regard.

Volt Aug 18 '09

I think there are a couple reasons why people prefer the normal waiver system. For one, it lets the worst teams have a better chance at improving their rosters. That is good to increase competition throughout the season.

Another reason is because people don't like to try new things. Some may be intimidated by having to make extra decisions on how much to bid, how much to keep available for later, etc. People have become lazy because of the internet (just look how bad people spell these days, even with auto spellchecks in most web browsers). The extra math may scare some away.

On the topic of bidding, it would be great to add auction leagues some time. Any chance at something like that in the near future?

FantasyGuru1965 Aug 20 '09

I guess the time spent on the blind bids should have gone towards the logo's roflmao.... hehehehe

fleafounder Admin Aug 20 '09

Yeah definitely would love to add it for next season.

Volt Aug 20 '09

That would be a great addition. I will be waiting for that for sure.

Volt Aug 20 '09

Yeah, so much for hoping the threads about logos would go away. They have practically increased tenfold since being made available.

comedic_imp Aug 28 '09

I would pay for this feature.

Mister_T Aug 18 '10

People get freaked by the word 'auction'. Auction drafting is serious stuff. It's not for novices nor the faint of heart.

Auction waivers, OTOH, are easy, intuitive, super fun and super fair. People just don't realize that are are afraid to try it.

bkardane11 Aug 10 '09

Just wondering how complicated it'd be to make it so all transactions work on this system. That is the easy way to a salary cap league in some sense. I don't think it'd be too hard. The main goal is so that you have to manage your budget year round for every transaction to make sure you have the right amount of $$ left for future signings, yet make sure you get the ones you want. Anyone understand what I'm getting at?

bkardane11 Aug 20 '09

Any updatE?

ColonelMustard Aug 07 '09

Thanks for the great upgrade. Is there anyway to auto charge a team for transactions they make after the bidding process? Ex. we want to keep bidding open until game time Sundays. Blind bidding until Thurs. followed by 1st come ,1st served until Sunday @ 12PM. We want a set amount($5) for any bid made during 1st come, 1st served period. Can this be tracked or will commish need to make an edit?


FabGuruof the Slab

fleafounder Admin Aug 08 '09

You'll have to track this manually and use the "edit budgets" option to keep the budgets up to date.

svenex Aug 07 '09

"(also editable on a team-by-team basis throughout the year)"

where I can do this? How can i adjust the remainig budget on a weekly basis and different from team to team?

fleafounder Admin Aug 07 '09

Commish options (available after draft). If you use priority waivers you can also edit those any time.

DaSOBCommish Aug 07 '09

Ties go to the team with the worst power rank (uses your league's custom tiebreaking rules).

Decimals are not allowed.

What do u mean TIE goes to the team with the worst power rank?? Alittle confused now

DaSOBCommish Aug 06 '09

and whats the max we can have for budget? I put down $1000 but everytime i go to the waiver screen it says 100??

fleafounder Admin Aug 07 '09

Good point--it's just defaulting back to 100. We actually saved your value.

I'll make the change to reflect this soon. Thanks for pointing it out.