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J-J Sep 11 '77

some of us have noticed discrepancies in how the draft orders are set this year. they're not accurate & don't reflect the previous year's standings.

for instance, in one league, last year's champ is set to pick 6th. they should have last pick.

is there some bug with the draft order?


DJ_Rain Sep 14 '77

Yes, there seems to be. I manually reset my league's draft orders and anyone who had multiple picks in a round (due to trades) automaticaly fixed itself in line with the first round.

Good luck!

deen Sep 14 '77

Yeah, looks like we'll have to do it manually..I asked them 3 days ago and they said they were aware of it but they still havent fixed it..

Like DJ said I hope it doesnt screw up the draft pick trades when I do it manually..I'll give flea today to fix it, if they dont then I gotta do it.