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junglejunky Oct 26 '75

can someone please explain exactly how FF's karma system works?

i dropped out of my weekly leagues because i found dailies to be more fun & challenging (as well as football leagues because i joined way too many).

i've worn this red badge of shame for weeks & have felt the ill effects.

a player i've never encountered before, who's joined a baseball league i'm in, wrote on the message board "don't trust junglejunky."

i did nothing to this player or to anyone else. i play fair & feel like i'm a part of this community.

i feel i've served my penance and yet, i'm stigmatized because of this karma system.

so please, someone enlighten me -

mr karma



Dynasty001 Nov 04 '75

changing ur name back? i don't think they've changed the system yet. its gotta be like a hunger strike man (first thing i thought of), don't change it back til you get your way.

junglejunky Nov 04 '75

i don't think it matters.

i changed it - nothing happened.

i'm just gonna be patient.

it's unfortunate b/c i know i'm a good player, as evidence by my many competitive teams, but i'm stuck with this flag.

it's unfortunate b/c it gives an impression to some.

i have a feeling the mavs kid wouldn't have spoken out like that if the flag wasn't there.

i'm not sweatin it anymore.

i did it to myself.

it'll go away soon and it won't come back.

Dynasty001 Nov 05 '75

you're right, i think its actually kind of funny though.

junglejunky Nov 05 '75

u have a twisted sense of humor