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junglejunky Oct 26 '75

can someone please explain exactly how FF's karma system works?

i dropped out of my weekly leagues because i found dailies to be more fun & challenging (as well as football leagues because i joined way too many).

i've worn this red badge of shame for weeks & have felt the ill effects.

a player i've never encountered before, who's joined a baseball league i'm in, wrote on the message board "don't trust junglejunky."

i did nothing to this player or to anyone else. i play fair & feel like i'm a part of this community.

i feel i've served my penance and yet, i'm stigmatized because of this karma system.

so please, someone enlighten me -

mr karma



Chosyn1 Oct 29 '75

theres no karma involved its as simple as stay in your leagues and stick threw with them dont join a league and say I dont want to be here and drop out the next day, and wheneveer you have thatflag and someone calls you out on it just ignore them and beat them when you face them if you get kicked out take it up with fleaflicker if you did nothin wrong and get them kicked out.The true messsage is if youve had this for a while then stay in your leagues dont abandon them. By the way If it was karma he would havwe kicked you out and obviously u didnt get kicked out, so stop trying to get ppl to feel sorry for you and fx ur own problem waitout the flag and get a bettter rep by not dropping out.

junglejunky Oct 29 '75

please do not be confused with the asian spiritual doctrine of karma; that is not what i'm talkin about.

FF has its own karma system.

if you've been flagged for a low reliability rating from dropping leagues, and u try to join a league or if u commish a league and try to make scoring/rules/alignment changes, u get a message "u cannot perform this action. build up some more karma by playing games & not abandoning ur teams."

have u never seen these messages?

that's why the topic of karma has surfaced.

and i'm not tryin to make ppl "feel sorry for (me)". i've tried to bring to FF's attention a fault with their system.

i won't drop any more leagues. i get it.

and i also get that there is probably no perfect system; it'll always be too reliant on a human element.

that being said, i still think the flaws can be remedied by incorporating other positive actions (see messages below) that i don't think are calculated in the karma system.