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Sidney1965 Jan 01 '78

Had an owner have to bale and we need a replacement owner ASAP. We're about to draft so grab the team and set your keepers and get ready.


Sidney1965 Mar 02 '78

Need an owner, maybe two. Take over the team here and see what you can do with it. The league will be transformed into a Roto H2H style and teams put into divisions for next year. Those options hadn't been added when I created the league. Come in and make changes to the roster and line-ups. It's a daily line-up. Try out the Roto style league. If you don't want to keep the team or don't like the Roto style after you try it, you're free to drop it or ask me and I'll remove you. I just need someone unbiased to make adjustments to keep the team competitive.