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CulverCityCosmo Dec 09 '77

I am starting this thread patterned after one I saw in another format that really helped honest Commishes and players find each other and avoid those who bend and or break the rules, cheat, partake in dishonest doings and generally run leagues you will want to avoid.

Today's first recipient of the Cosmo Award of Dishonor goes to:

Legends of the Game(Michael)- Had him and his friends keep all Elite players while picking lesser players for the teams wihout owners yet before then dropping all the non keepers back to the pool so they may have the best selection to choose from. Players like J Weaver, Pence, Shields, Upton and cargo were left off keepers while oneteam kept Trumbo, Martin and Moreland. All for the sake of having to win to look good. Sad. GLA


BPTom Mar 18 '78

Look at all the evidence against "Legends of the Game" in this forum.....why can't Fleaflicker just ban this guy? He's making the website look terrible.....

derosafan1 Mar 19 '78

I know right he even takes points away from us

LegendoftheGame Apr 07 '78

The rule is in place for all even myself . Funny thing is if you don't agree with the rule you are free to leave league

BPTom Apr 08 '78

Explain how I was punished then when I didnt break any rules??

I STILL highly recommend NEVER joining a league that this guy either commishes or is a part of....

BPTom Apr 08 '78

Tell you what , "Legend" name 1 rule that I broke in your league and I will shut up forever in this forum about you........

YOU CAN' go away - you've lost this battle