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CulverCityCosmo Dec 09 '77

I am starting this thread patterned after one I saw in another format that really helped honest Commishes and players find each other and avoid those who bend and or break the rules, cheat, partake in dishonest doings and generally run leagues you will want to avoid.

Today's first recipient of the Cosmo Award of Dishonor goes to:

Legends of the Game(Michael)- Had him and his friends keep all Elite players while picking lesser players for the teams wihout owners yet before then dropping all the non keepers back to the pool so they may have the best selection to choose from. Players like J Weaver, Pence, Shields, Upton and cargo were left off keepers while oneteam kept Trumbo, Martin and Moreland. All for the sake of having to win to look good. Sad. GLA


BPTom Mar 04 '78

This is in reference to League - Kings of Fantasy to which Michael is the commish and was sent to Fleaflicker

One of our league members has had his points for the week taken away unjustly by the league commish. The rule set after the league started was that we could not use more than 3 roster moves per week, not including DL's. Team Chin Music was within the rules last week using 3 moves plus a DL and yet the commish took his weekly points away. The points need to be returned to Team Chin Music and the commish has not done this yet and needs to be corrected asap. The commish is not being fair to the league members and needs to be monitored for his actions.

The following is recommended by Fleaflicker mgmt:

The first thing, and mostly the main thing, to do would be to report them at 1) team-team owner options-report abusive owner

We'll also look into it, like I said above, but it's extremely hard to police these types of things and we like to stay as disassociated as possible; but we don't condone cheating, so that's why we have these controls in place and will look into it. Our retention department looks into it after you report them with the above step.

Urge your league members to do this he will be removed

This was the reply by the league commish:

As for you and your almighty attitude . The score will not be changed back because of your repeated attitude and remarks of such . If you don't like the league then you free to leave it ! The next step if this persist will be your removal from the league by myself .

This is in violation of his own rules and totally unfair. He's trying to take advantage of a situation to better himself in the lague as well..

The commish's team is Baseball Tonight.

CulverCityCosmo Mar 04 '78

TY for your input to this section. This is exactly why I started this thread. People need to know about these unscrupulous League Owners. This is supposed to be a place where you can go and have some harmless fun. I don't know how these guys can sleep at night, the things they do in order to win and to feel important. TYVM

CulverCityCosmo Mar 04 '78

PS- It just hit me that you were commenting on the same person for which this thread as started. Unreal! At least we know he is consistent. Now everybody knows to stay away from this guys Leagues...I hope.

LegendoftheGame Mar 10 '78

Now I must say hummm ?. Well did he also tell you that this user has 2 ID's currently ?? Did he also tell you that his ID's are the same and trying to trade togather ?? Bubbatee and BPtom are one in the same and have admitted this in this very same league for which he's complaining . Dishonest LOL funny very funny . most in flea seem to think that they don't need drafts or how to scout or even show up at drafts when they are scheduled ..not so . See I've grown to see this site and will say this most who complain are the ones who's guilty in fact they wish to have their way or don't like something to they go and complain and make themselves look better . These forums I guess are ok and very willing to have questions asked AT anytime put before me . I see wayyyyyy too many complaints about people draft for the scoring in that league ....well do they now ..funny if thats the case they why do they make new player acquisations in the first week....second week, third week etc...etc...etc...??????

The league I have have a rule in place for transactions limits of 3 per week ..yes FLEA has it at 7 . I find that at 3 you need to know more then just go get another player especially when you have a bench at 9 players c'mon now .

BPTom Mar 18 '78

You better say hummm - you're damn right you're dishonest....

Do the research and look to see if I have 2 ID's.

I don't...this was also proved by Fleaflicker -strike 2. It was proven by Fleaflicker that I previously had an ID that was updated and NEVER used more than my SINGLE ID in this or any other league. I have the e-mail to prove it. What proof do you have? I am not guilty - I am defending my integrity which you don't. Go back in the league talk and you'll see that I said I had 2 ID's but that was because I updated my personal info BEFORE I ever got in your league. There was no 2 active ID's EVER -get that through your head. There is or never was any admission of Bubbatee and myself being the same person because it's not true - once again, validated by Fleaflicker....

Looks like whatever proof there is, is how many different owners have proof that you are a cheat - plain and simple...and there is 100% proof against you and 0% against me, except for your word...and with others from other leagues pointing the finger at you, do you think you're credible.....

Finally, yes, you have a rule in place about 3 transactions per week, plus DL moves. That rule was never broken by Bubbatee and you took points away from him - and you took points away from me because I defended him - what rule did I break? None...... and if you were so great at drafting like you think you are, why did you start the season at 3-6 before the commish hit the fan?

You keep your league and you can be rest assured that me and a vast majority (if not all) who read this, won't lower their standards to be in a league with you or your kind.