FFCSR_Doug Nov 03 '08

Hey Guys, 
Sorry for no updates the past couple of weeks. We have not been on vacation in Aruba, but are working on a couple of big things (unfortunately can't go into too many specifics - know the creptic message will bring lots of guesses).  
So many of the upgrades, future lineup, co-commish, logos, have been put on hold for the moment.  
They are still priorities to us though and we understand how important they are to you guys.  
As soon as we can go into more specifics, we will provide you as much detail as possible about what we have in store.


dolphinollie Oct 20 '10

I know 3 guys make up Flea and only one programmer. Is this a part time gig for Flea? I along with everyone else who plays fantasy here don't understand why it takes so long to have changes made. I beleive you when you say you are working on big things but what gives with how long it takes for change?

Over the summer we thought more big things will be ready for football this year and the biggest thing was a celeb thing? Can you give us some insight as to how Flea works...

Davy_CrockettTX Oct 05 '10

Is Fantasy basketball streaming going to be fixed in time for the season??

Slush Aug 30 '10

So whatever happened to weekly updates?

Volt Aug 30 '10

The same thing that happens to all the good suggestions here, they faded into oblivion.

FFCSR_Doug Jun 02 '09

Announcement will be made shortly.

DARKSEID Jun 02 '09

Thanks Doug, nice hint you gave us. I thought it was clear as day but there were alot of doubters.

tcostant Jul 10 '09

Am I missing something - what is the announcement?

PigskinPlague Jun 02 '09

It seemed like an update to the system might have been made today, June 2, 2009. Were there any changes? If so, what are they?

DARKSEID Jun 02 '09

Yes, they are adding baseball.

scotto1959 Jun 02 '09

the draft order has my lego colored blocks?

smcndfan Jun 02 '09

I thought fantasy baseball started already

FantasyGuru1965 Jun 01 '09

I have a gut feeling that these upgrades will be definitely noticeable. Anyone want to make a bet? :)

scotto1959 Jun 01 '09

got ten on live scoring.

smcndfan Jun 02 '09

I thought they had live scoring (football)

FFCSR_Doug Jun 01 '09

The site may be down intermittently over the next two days. Nothing is wrong, we are just making some upgrades. If you have any questions or issues send us an email.

FantasyGuru1965 Jun 01 '09

Anything you can leak to makes us keep checking back lol? :)

DARKSEID Jun 01 '09

Doug, how about another hint? I keep coming up with you guys are working on fantasy baseball. Am I right? How about a yes, no, or maybe?

scotto1959 Jun 01 '09

looks like he just checked in from Aruba.