FFCSR_Doug Jul 21 '74

Below are your updates for the week: 
1. If you go to your account home page, browse latest tab then players tab - you now have the ability to view the most added, dropped and traded players. You can sort by week, past 1, 3 and 7 days as well as historical data dating back to 2005. 
2. Quarterly scoring - on the box score page your scoring will be broken down into 4 quarters (1st: Thursday - Sun 1pm EST, 2nd: Sun 4pm EST, 3rd: Sunday late game, 4th - Monday night). 
* Setting future lineups is also coming shortly.


rlbryce36 Aug 14 '74

Is there a way to have 2 people as the commish

Oscarmeyer Aug 17 '74

No but you can just contact your co comissh and get their input before making a descion...

osnn_fitz Aug 04 '74

what happened to the weekly updates?

Oscarmeyer Aug 05 '74

i dunnoe but i want them to come back

bkardane11 Aug 06 '74

2 week absence

mariners100 Aug 06 '74

Never got the future lineups fixed... and now no updates???

scotto1959 Aug 06 '74

thier on vacation in Aruba?

oosterhouse Aug 14 '74

where are the updates? want logos

FantasyGuru1965 Jul 29 '74

I have also noticed that the ability to cancel an accepted trade is now gone. I don't know if it is something new, I just noticed it or what but I am glad of that.

dolphins-galaxy Jul 30 '74

Jep, wasn´t announced, but good its gone! Thanks for all! Engine still improving - great work!

Volt Aug 07 '74

Yes, but people still have the ability to drop a player involved in a trade which then cancels the trade.

FantasyGuru1965 Jul 23 '74

It seems the live scoring isn't working properly today?

bkardane11 Jul 22 '74

I don't understand how the quarters thing works. Like what does it mean when i have a 6 for the first quarter, 2 for the 2nd, none for the 3rd, and another 2 in the 4th. Can someone explain it to me

scotto1959 Jul 24 '74

means you got 10 and lost your ass. but really the first quarter are all of your players in the arly sunday game inc. thursday the second quart are the afternoon games and the third is sunday night the fourth is the monday game. I think it's pretty lame,but you can go lick lick lick and tell the fleagods what a great idea it is?

InSpades Jul 22 '74

In regards to the quarters may I suggest adding '--' to quarters where you don't have players playing (right now it's just blank). 
This way you can differentiate between quarters where players played but didn't score points (a '0') and ones where you didn't have players playing. 
With the '--' added it'll also be a little easier to read the columns and not have them so different in width. 
If you have a decimal scoring system some quarter columns end up very small (no number), small (eg. 5 or 21), bigger (eg. 21.1), or biggest (eg. 21.15). 
It's not a big deal, just aesthetics. 
Otherwise I like the additions for this week! Keep up the good work.

fleafounder Admin Jul 21 '74

The % Own colum on your league's "players" tab will now be highlighted green or red if a player is among the top 50 most added or dropped players in the last 3 days.