FFCSR_Doug Jul 14 '74

Unfortunately we were not able to complete the upgrades by today. We will be rolling out the 3 improvements at the same time very soon though. The 3 updates are: 
1. Ability to set future lineups. 
2. Ability to view the most added, dropped and traded players. 
3. Quarterly scoring - on the box score page your scoring will be broken down into 4 quarters (1st: Thursday - Sun 1pm EST, 2nd: Sun 4pm EST, 3rd: Sunday late game, 4th - Monday night).


mariners100 Jul 17 '74

Like #1... I can atleast see issues with Bye weeks earlier and it will allow people to set their rosters if they are going to be out of town or cannot access a computer all of the time. 
Thanks for the upgrades!

SBPantherPride Jul 16 '74

I like #3...Its new/Different/unique! Why not?! I really can't wait to be able to add my own logo! But very excited that future lineup setting is coming soon.

barryb1 Jul 16 '74

what's the point of #3?

Thunder94 Jul 16 '74

I think that might keep more people to stay in their leauges