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FFCSR_Doug Jun 09 '74

Hey Everyone,  
Here is your weekly update for the week.  
Upgrades to the IR position: The commissioner of a league can now set the IR position so that healthy players are allowed to be placed in an IR spot. This creates a pseudo practice squad and increases the number of players allowed on a roster 
Improvements to Draft Auto-Select: Some of you may have experienced issues such as Tony Romo being selected ahead of Adrian Peterson (Min) with a top pick. This should not happen in the future. 
Reduced issues related to confirmation and verification 
The season is less than a week away. Best of luck to everyone.


scotto1959 Oct 17 '74

Since you guys are back from vacation, how about some updates in the off season???

FFCSR_Doug Oct 17 '74

We will start providing updates again in a couple of weeks. Sorry for the delay.

scotto1959 Nov 15 '74

two weeks is fourteen days, I think?????

FFCSR_Doug Nov 16 '74

We are aware of the delay information. Sorry. We should definitely be back providing updates come the first or second week in March.