FFCSR_Doug Aug 15 '08

Hey Everyone, 
Here is your weekly update for the week. 
Draft - There's was a problem with AOL's built-in web browser and the draft program. A fix was put out yesterday. 
* If you are still having issues please let us know on this forum or by clicking on the contact link at the top of the page 
Features - A Frequently Requested Features page has been added to the home page. 
Testing - To ensure the game runs as smoothly as possible this season we are doing extensive testing of our system. 
Rankings - Updated projected stats rankings. Brett Favre now included. 
On the horizon 
Transfer of box scores for former AOL players 
Updates to the frequently requested features page 
More testing


adam_schaben Aug 20 '08

Where are the logos?

Oscarmeyer Aug 20 '08

Accroding to the Frequently requested Features sheet it should be late 2008-2009

Veritas Aug 20 '08

Nicely done. Looking forward to weekly updates throughout the entire season.

eaglespride215 Aug 19 '08

is there any way to do a practice game the 4 th week of the preseason... to get a feel of things, for you and our leagues

rangerdave Aug 20 '08

You do realize that the majority of the starters sit out the fourth game of preseason?