FFCSR_Doug May 22 '74

Now on the help page, is a link to a Frequently Requested Features Page with timelines for implementation:  
The page does not cover everything that has been requested but tries to hit all the most commonly suggested features.  
As always please continue to offers ideas on how to improve Fleaflicker.  


Chosyn1 Oct 10 '74

fleaflicker i now some of this will take time but some can happen in 2009

Chosyn1 Oct 09 '74

we should all get logos or make the for our teams

GreenbayGumby Oct 10 '74

Logo's would be cool as well.

CoachArt09 Oct 09 '74

Why does the season end on the last week? All of my key players were sitting this week. I lost the final game.

bkardane11 Oct 12 '74

That's your specific league. Talk to your commissioner about changing it to week 16

McPukes Jun 10 '74

can you go back and see the draft results somehow?

GreenbayGumby Oct 10 '74

I agree, I would like to see the draft results whenever I'd like as well.

dew83057 Jun 09 '74

I use team qbs' and draft defensive teams how to I get those on my rosters?

NAVYBUC Jun 09 '74

I would like to see a link added to the Player info that would put that player into your 'Watch List'. 
When browsing through the Player list it would be really helpful to have the 'Watch List' link because there are many times that a player interests me, but I don't want to add him right away.

jmassery Jun 08 '74

Make it like last year 
Controlable by commish 
Team and owner changes and being able to change emails 
Multiple owner on one team (father - son, etc)

Gunslinger4 Jun 04 '74

Question: When I search for leagues with abandoned teams to join only like 2 show up. I know this is broken because I have a league with abandoned owners...Help

ssuperflash Oct 12 '74

you also have to check the drafted option