fleafounder Admin Apr 21 '74

Did you have a league with AOL last season?  
Want to be among the first to see your league data on Fleaflicker?  
Reply to this thread by 9 PM EST and I'll put your league up tonight.  
You'll be able to provide feedback and help us make sure that all that data was transferred correctly.  


unclebro88 May 09 '74

We have a small problem,I am the only person who can sign in.

beelnite Apr 25 '74

Hey there - our keeper league "Job Seekers III" transferred just fine in regards to players/rosters... but the stats and scoring history for 2006 and 2007 are missing! Is there any chance we'll get these back?  
I also miss the automated finance tool... and the waiver bid system... bummer...

FFCSR_Doug Apr 25 '74

We wanted to transfer all the most important information, players & rosters, first and we will try and get you past stats/scoring soon.  
We understand that those features are an issue and are doing what we can to have them implemented for the future.

mrtak75 May 06 '74

does that mean "not this year" definitively?

FFCSR_Doug May 08 '74

It is to early to say definitively, although at the moment it may not be likely. We are working on them and they are among our top priorities.

dapannu Apr 24 '74

AOL had a section were one can add additonal written rules. Will this section be transfered over as well at some point? If not, would it be possible to email me the rules for my league?  

fleafounder Admin Apr 25 '74

Just use the message board (right-most tab on your league page).

dapannu Apr 25 '74

The problem is I donot have the copy of the rules that were posted last year. Would it be possible to retrieve those rules?  

Shrinks Apr 21 '74

Please post my league data. My league is up but i cannot see the leagues history. Its not there. Good job getting it up and running though.

fleafounder Admin Apr 21 '74

Your league history is there. Just click around on the different seasons (top right above the standings).

fleafounder Admin Apr 21 '74

OK, the transfer is complete.  
If you don't see your leagues on the homepage, it probably means you're not using the same AOL account or E-mail address on Fleaflicker as you did on AOL last season.  
Please make sure you use the same account (e.g., if you used the AOL screen name JohnDoe11 last year on AOL, you must use that same id on Fleaflicker).

justinwright3 Apr 21 '74

I'm using the same info as last year on AOL but only the 2 leagues I had using fleaflicker [last year] are showing...  
Any ideas?

majicdragons Apr 21 '74

two of my leagues are up, but the third is not.

Shrinks Apr 21 '74

Hey I would love to see my league data. Can you please post it.

Slick20 Apr 21 '74

My Leagues are up. Thanks!!!!

fleafounder Admin Apr 21 '74

The transfer is still in progress so please wait another ~10 minutes before making any changes.

justinwright3 Apr 21 '74

I'm assuming once they're up, they'll just appear or should I log out then log back in?

Slick20 Apr 21 '74

They just appear.

Shrinks Apr 21 '74

My league is up. I cannot review my leagues history though.

Slick20 Apr 21 '74

I just seen that the fleaflicker staff has said it will be another hour before it is working.

fleafounder Admin Apr 21 '74

Still working on it, had a minor set back, will fix and be running shortly....sorry guys it won't be much longer

rdo8310 Apr 21 '74

is the transfer going ok I still don't have my league back