fleafounder Admin Jun 23 '06

You can now sign up for 2006 leagues.  
However, the site was just launched and we're still working out some of the glitches.  
If you notice something that isn't working the way you expected, please let me know by clicking "Contact/Report A Bug" at the bottom of the page.  


RevKev Aug 30 '06

Many thanks for information about live scoring. I like this site. Thanks

smarchit Jul 30 '06

But we all know what happens when we assume ;-) !!

DeadWood_DawgZ Jul 29 '06

I think RevKev was being a tad sarcastic there Toby...

ShimmeringT Jul 27 '06

Yes, there is free live scoring

RevKev Jul 27 '06

Is there live scoring?

fleafounder Admin Jul 07 '06

Thanks guys. Just make sure you invite your friends to play so the site can keep growing. The more users we have, the better the community and competition will be.

sprtsgy1989 Jul 01 '06

tyler theres live scoreing

Fogger Jun 30 '06

I'm sure this has been said many times, but I absolutely love the new additions to Flea Flicker, excellent work!