FFCSR_Doug Apr 17 '74

To past AOL members (seasons 2004-2007):  
Thanks for your patience regarding the transition from AOL fantasy football to Fleaflicker.  
We are working around the clock to have your fantasy football league up and running. The transition should be complete by this Friday, July 11. (We will update the transfer status and keep you posted if any unexpected issues arise.)  
When the transfer is complete we'll make another announcement here on the forums and also send out E-mails to the affected leagues.  
Below are some commonly asked questions regarding the transition. Feel free to submit more questions.  
* When will the transfer be completed? - By this Friday, July 11  
* How will the user know when the transfer has been completed? - Via Forum, and Email  
* Will keeper league rosters transfer? - Yes  
* Will past standings and box scores transfer? - Yes  
* Will transactions and traded picks transfer - Yes  
* Will league message board posts transfer? - Yes  
* Will league rules and roster requirements transfer - Yes  
* Will past records, honors and awards transfer? ? Past AOL players will have the same past records/honors as any other Fleaflicker user--we track career record and number of past championships won.  
* Will teams be able to keep logos? - No. However, we know many users have suggested logos and it is something we are working on for the future.  
* Will player salaries and auction leagues transfer? ? No. Fleaflicker does not currently support salary or auction leagues. We may add this feature in the future though.  
Thanks for your patience and please contact us if you have any other questions.  
Fleaflicker Support Team


babyzach2 Apr 22 '74

The leagues have been transferred and are up and runnining for 2008. Let the games begin. Oh yeah, baby! Here we come in 2008...

majicdragons Apr 21 '74

What time zone are you in? I figure it will be done at 11:59pm in whichever time zone you are in.

Warpath7 Apr 21 '74

I emailed the Doug of FF and still have yet to get an answer to question of what time? 11:59 is pretty optimistic, I hope it is but I will not hold my breath. I just hope they meet the deadline.

majicdragons Apr 21 '74

I'm talking Friday at 11:59 pm, I'm not sure that is optimistic. I may be shocked, I did hear about a test today. Not sure how that went.

Warpath7 Apr 21 '74

Check the other forum messages they are doing some tonight. I am not sure they started yet.

FFCSR_Doug Apr 21 '74

Testing was done last night and the transfer should go through for all former AOL users by midday.

majicdragons Apr 20 '74

One more day and my leagues will be back! I love it. Honestly I don't remember where the one leagues draft was at, considering it was 75 days ago. I guess in the other league the June 1st cuts will become August 1st cuts. Still good to see we are getting our info. back.

rwallis73 Apr 20 '74

Lets all hold our breath!

tcostant Apr 19 '74

I'm willing to give it a try, but I'd like to get on the site (we have keeper issues).  
I'll be sorry to see blind bidding go, I finially got my league to approve it for the league.  
My team also use to use Team QB, and fleflicker doesn't support that (most sites don't).  
I wish I could just see my leagues...

ffnptown Apr 19 '74

Live scoring for both Fantasy teams and NFL???

FFCSR_Doug Apr 18 '74

Yes, Fleaflicker has live scoring.

spoemgirl Apr 18 '74


Ralli22 Apr 18 '74


Ralli22 Apr 18 '74