fleafounder Admin Feb 09 '74

To all Fleaflicker members:  
I've decided to sell Fleaflicker to AOL.  
I will continue to operate the site. There will be some minor changes as we integrate with AOL Sports but otherwise everything will remain the same.  
Fleaflicker has come a long way in just three and a half years. During that time I was possessed by a single (and often unhealthy) obsession—making the best fantasy football site. My decision to sell was made with this goal in mind.  
AOL and I share the same vision for expanding the site. Integrating with AOL sports will improve Fleaflicker immeasurably. (For example, FanHouse blogs provide the most insightful sports commentary on the Internet; their content will ultimately be integrated into Fleaflicker.)  
The bottom line is this: I made this decision because I am certain it will improve the game for all Fleaflicker users.  
Feel free to post questions here or contact me directly.  
-Ori Schwartz


termrestriction Jan 24 '75

what happened?

termrestriction Jan 24 '75

what happened?

PaleRider255 Apr 21 '74

My league has not loaded yet. How much longer please?

ffnptown Apr 16 '74

This just posted 2 days ago........  
fleafounder Fleaflicker Administrator 2 Days [Reply]  
We'll import past standings, boxscores, rosters, transactions, message boards, traded picks, league rules (scoring, roster requirements, etc).  
If Fleaflicker supports all of your league's rules/settings, it will be seamless. It will be as ig you had played on Fleaflicker all along.  
Yes, we'll send an E-mail once the process is complete.  
bob327699 2 Days [Reply]  
Thanks for that update. Is there anyway of you giving us some sort of time frame? I've got people on my back, as I'm sure you do also.  
fleafounder Fleaflicker Administrator 2 Days [Reply]  
Next week. Everything is pretty much ready to go, we're just doing more testing to make sure everything will be transferred correctly.

[Deleted User] Apr 16 '74

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet. Looking forward to being able to access my teams again.

overachiever77 Apr 17 '74

Now that we've had yet another ETA, this one better be the real deal!

Mudd Apr 14 '74

It's a bummer, but chill out on the man people!  
I need my rosters too, but demanding this guy to answer is not helping. Let him do his thing.  
You only have one other choice. Start over and go elsewhere.  
Seems simple to me. Sounds like there was a delay on AOL's part. This Flea dude is working on it. He's one of us. A fantasy freak. I think he's going to get it done and it will work sweet.  
I'm going to be patient. Reschedule my drafts if needed. In the time being, I'm trying to hand write rosters(remember with help of the other owners) I'm not even looking into others sites yet. About 2 weeks before week 1, I'll have to make a move if this site isn't up and running.  
Then, if it is up and running .... my staying will depend on if our leagues format still works here at the flea. If it does, great. If not I have to find another site, paying or free.  
It this site works for our league and is good, We're willing to pay.  
I found this site because of the AOL buyout. I think the current site is pretty nice. I've done a few live drafts and this Flea dude is good. I'm already a fan. If our format works here I'll be even a bigger fan. Of the Flea dude.  
I personally wasn't all that happy with AOL other than the free part. I welcome the change.

[Deleted User] Apr 14 '74

My problem, and I assume a problem of others, is that my league has been around for years. We always do a live draft but we are always very busy. As usual, there were only two days this summer when everyone could get together. Both of those days are fast approaching and we need our rosters to draft (we have keepers and have traded draft picks). If we had the flexibility that you seem to have regarding when our draft could be held, it wouldn't be a problem.

scotto1959 Apr 14 '74

it's FLEAGOD by the way!!

scotto1959 Apr 14 '74

where's my star!!!!

Warpath7 Apr 14 '74

It is funny how all the people telling everyone to chill out has access to their teams. They should be able to chill, they will be able to do whatever they need to do. Us guys from AOL are getting crapped on! Thanks a lot AOL.

[Deleted User] Apr 15 '74

I'm on three leagues in AOL as well as one in Fleaflicker. So chill out :)

majicdragons Apr 15 '74

Chill yourself out! My league is fast approaching loosing out on 5K worth of trades and transactions due to this delay. I have been taking a piece of that pie for the last 5 seasons, and look good to do so again this year. I'm a bit pissed about the delay. When you are loosing 5K who gives a crap about a $60 fee?

[Deleted User] Apr 15 '74

The problem for me isn't the delay it is the lack of communication from the powers that be. AOL dropped the ball by not providing any forewarning but the FleaGods are making it worse by keeping us in the dark.  
If we were given timely updates on progress and an ETA we could make the decisions on how to move our leagues forward. I'll bet my bottom dollar that an official "Update" post from the powers that be would quash a lot of the pissing and moaning.  
Bottom line is that it is hard to plan things without knowing the timeline and how "firm" that timeline is. And don't give me this BS about they are working to hard to bother updating you...it only took me 2 minutes to post this which is about X-2 lines longer than the post they need to make.

rwallis73 Apr 15 '74


majicdragons Apr 11 '74

Anyone know a hacker that can get my league info?

majicdragons Apr 12 '74

Is this a joke?

lagerandale Apr 10 '74

Just a reminder to all... JUNE 2ND was the initial transfer date. Be afraid, very afraid.

[Deleted User] Apr 10 '74

Why? Do you really think all the data suddenly went poof? Just be patient. You all obviously don't work in IT fields and realize that things like this take time. Should we have been warned? Probably, but that's on AOL, not Fleaflicker.

fleafounder Admin Apr 10 '74

Don't be affraid, I am working on it and it's under control.  
I have the data for every league, team, roster, transaction, message board post, etc.  
It takes time to convert it into Fleaflicker's format but it will be done.

ModiinMonsters Apr 10 '74

Glad to see you finally Post something about the transfer here, but remember you told us that you would have it done by the end of the month at the latest. This is the end of the month, so I am counting on it being done by midnight tonight. Good luck.

TheBroth Apr 10 '74

Good news that all info will be transferred over. Very good news.

scotto1959 Apr 11 '74

and where's my star?

[Deleted User] Apr 11 '74

expect it all done by the end of this week

Shrinks Apr 11 '74

Any Timetable Ori? When can we expect it?

Warpath7 Apr 11 '74

All we get is soft deadlines. They have came and gone. June 2nd? The end of June? Here we are in July, The Fleafounder has not even addressed this. People just want a firm deadline. Is that too much to ask for?

[Deleted User] Apr 12 '74

And if you get a firm deadline and it's still not done, then what? It'll get done when it gets done. I'd rather have it all working and stable than rushed and then spend months sorting out the issues.

Warpath7 Apr 12 '74

I will tell you what, you go to another site. That is what. I am surprised you think there is any rush. People with Keeper leagues that used to be on AOL are out. That is why people are getting upset. So there you go, that is what.

[Deleted User] Apr 12 '74

Well complaining about it is not going to make it happen any faster. I'm pretty sure they aren't dragging their heels just to piss people off. I'm sure everyone is pissed off because we got no warning, I am too, but that's AOL's issue, not fleaflicker. And if you want to go pay for everything you can get here, more power to ya.

scotto1959 Apr 12 '74

should be paying now?

majicdragons Apr 12 '74

No complaints don't work! I would suggest a revolt. Everyone should leave once they get their roster info. back.

majicdragons Apr 12 '74

aol owns flea flicker, they are one and the same to me!

Shrinks Apr 12 '74

I'm patient. I am just asking when we can expect it. Yes, its hurting the AOL keeper leagues and yes, Ori is probably working day-in and day-out to get this working. Fleaflicker has my support if AOL is willing to turn it over to them. I do agree that we should be more upset with AOL for not telling us this was going to happen.

majicdragons Apr 13 '74

aol should get off thier butts and do something about it. Why not send Ori some help? aol should be powerful enough to get this done quickly. How hard can it be? I had a team transfer the entire Ohio school system over to a new system in two weeks. Is aol fantasy larger than the Ohio public school system? Lets get this together people. Where are you located, maybe I could send an IT team up to get it done!

kob42141 Apr 14 '74

Just wondering how will I know my league has been transfered ? Email, or will it just appear ?

lagerandale Apr 10 '74

We are so screwed... this sucks big time. We definately should have been warned before this went down. Its a nice way to build ill will.