fleafounder Admin Oct 19 '07

Message boards now have conversational "threads".  
Please let me know if there are any issues.  
I've also removed the rich text editor from the message boads (it was unstable). But you can still post HTML if you know it.


mikewiese May 31 '09

looking to join a keeper league. active and never give up owner. 

LynnSnell7 Mar 13 '09

Why don't you guys just add the ideas that we want.

luke1982 Mar 15 '09

Yeah, you could just pull them out of your pocket, or pick one out of thin air.

scotto1959 Mar 15 '09

logo's would be really cool!! And I loved the idea of designing our own stadium, beer hotdogs, golf carts for injured players, crotch shots of the cheer leaders, oh, and all the players we pick could be on the field and the others on the bench, maybe a weekly press conference for our team. We could even pick the players we want to carry guns to nightclubs.

scotto1959 Mar 16 '09

Will this happen this year Ori?

pcool232 Mar 03 '09


pcool232 Mar 03 '09


SQuigley Oct 23 '07

we can't post pictures anymore. or is there a way to do this?

phishchops Oct 26 '07

you can html code pics in. Go to <a href="http://www.ibdguy.com/posting.shtml">ibdguy.com</a> to see how to do it.

Fleaflicker_Pro Oct 22 '07

I just noticed that you have added the commish delete feature. That is great good job Ori keep up the good work.  
One suggestion I do have for the forums is maybe adding a view counter. A number by the side of each thread to see how many times that thread has been viewed. Its good to see if anyone is even reading your threads, or if they are reading the threads but dont really want to leave a reply.  
Great Job Ori

Fleaflicker_Pro Oct 22 '07

hmm , I just checked some of my other leagues, and that &quot; commish delete &quot; feature was only in one of my leagues. Is this a work in progress, or does this feature only work in private leagues ?

Fleaflicker_Pro Oct 22 '07

I made some of my leagues private and that feature can only be used in private leagues.

fleafounder Admin Oct 23 '07

correct, it's private leagues only

Lingar Oct 24 '07

Please bring the ability to post pictures back!!! It is significantly diminishing moral in my league!

The-Dark-Knight Oct 25 '07

Abra Cadabra!  
Just use html.

Fort Oct 22 '07

Any chance you can give us an edit post feature? Without it, if I make any mistake while posting information, I've got to delete the old post and make a new one, but now the old one stays (Says "deleted"). Not a big deal, but would be nice.  
Great job with this site! Certainly getting better as we go along.

[Deleted User] Oct 21 '07

Ill do it this is the best fantasy league