fleafounder Admin Oct 12 '07

I've just added the ability to re-seed the playoff bracket after each round, exactly like the NFL does (e.g., in a 6-team bracket, if a #6 upsets a #3 in the first round, the #6 team will play the #1 team in round 2 and the winner of #4 vs #5 will play the #2 team in round 2).  
To use it, select Re-Seed After Each Round from the Edit Playoff Schedule link.


G-MenMVP85 Jun 21 '08

how can we ask for improving the site?

Broflowski Jun 25 '08

By posting a new message in the "Suggestions for improving Fleaflicker" forum.

P-H-I Jun 04 '08

Just curious, is there an option to have a loser's bracket playoff system on flea flicker?

ffnptown Jun 04 '08

That would be awesome. It would even be better is you could add a Toilet Bowl for the regular season last place teams as well.

RUNHARD Nov 27 '07

But you need to add CONFERENCES like the NFL....AFC & NFC. My league has 2 conferences and play-off teams can only play within conference.  
When I RESEED, the system reseeds and inputs intraconference games....this should not happen

SBPantherPride May 21 '08

I agree that at some point the option for Conferences should be added, That way leagues that wish to do so could be set up for example 4 Divisions, 2 in each Conference, and have Playoffs exactly like the NFL where the champion is decided by the Conference Champs..  
P.S Love this site, not much to complain about, Switched from yahoo! and wow, the features amaze me! I love having full control over my league for FREE!

grey_fox Nov 13 '07

Thanks for the info. I had read the Playoff (help) and see how the seeds are filled.  
It just seemed a little weird. I guess I was thinking about NCAA BB tourney seeds.

grey_fox Nov 13 '07

How are the teams seeded into the playoff ladder? Is it done automatically?  
Our league has the #1 ranked team (8-2) (mine) is seeded #1.  
But here is where I am confused. The #2 ranked team (7-3) is seeded 4th. The #3 ranked team (6-4) is seeded 2nd.  
The 4th and 5th ranked teams (both 6-4) are seeded are seeded 3rd and 5th. The 6th seeded team (5-5) is there by tie breakers.  
Shouldn't the (7-3) team be seeded 2nd?

fleafounder Admin Nov 13 '07

Playoff seedings are affected by divisions, the league-wide ranking does not.

Baugher769 Oct 16 '07

sounds good. are all playoffs the same?? like due each league take 6 or 4?

fleafounder Admin Oct 19 '07

it's customizable.

marcgorecki Oct 20 '07

that would be cool if we could re seed after each week cuz fleaflicker does not do head to head ties involving more than 2 teams corectly

[Deleted User] Oct 14 '07

i dont get it, elaborate

fleafounder Admin Oct 19 '07

The NFL will re-seed the remaining teams after the first round so that the top remaining team plays the worst remaining team.  
Conversely, the NCAA does not re-seed.

oosterhouse Oct 13 '07

great add, just changed my playoffs