fleafounder Admin Jun 15 '73

In anticipation of the inevitable barrage of questions regarding tiebreakers, I've added explanations on the right side of the playoff page.  
If you played on Fleaflicker in past years you can check it out now (example). Otherwise you'll have to wait until after week 1.  
It's a new feature so there may be some glitches. Please post a description here if you notice something broken or missing.


marcgorecki Jul 30 '73

it would be nice if week by week , commisioner could edit the standings  
fleaflicker does not do mulitiple team head to head tiebreakers according to our league rules correclty....it woudl be nic to have that option and then i could make a post to my league explaining everything every week

fleafounder Admin Aug 02 '73

we follow the nfl's rules

fleafounder Admin Jun 16 '73

There were some issues last season with the application of tiebreakers. I may have to disable that feature for past seasons.

Brandon Jun 16 '73

Hey Ori, Im a bit confused. In my league, the Triple L League, looking at last year's playoffs, it says my number 1 and 2 seed tiebreaker was average points a game. But My number 1 seed had less points than my number 2. My number 1 seed DID have a better division record than number 2, although they aren't in the same division. I actually prefer that way as opposed to average points, even though they aren't in the same division.  
So I guess I'm askin, what happened? And is it possible to have the tiebreaker just say "Best Division Records"?