fleafounder Admin Jan 27 '73

I decided to launch some new functionality today.  
There aren't too many new features--more to come later this month.  
If you notice any weird behavior or bugs, please report them.  


judyrobc May 16 '74

It would be great if one could set their draft so the autopicker would select a certain position in a certain round. Especially, for drafts set during the working week when I can't do it myself.

bigcruise Jun 29 '73

Why does ir take so long for you to release FA to be claimed? In Yahoo and Fanball free angents are available immed. or the morning after Mondays game.? What gives? Wht so antiquated. having to wait until thursd or fri of the is just silly?

fleafounder Admin Apr 04 '73

You get all the points as dictated by your scoring rules. The position you start him at has no bearing. If he's starting, he gets the same number of points regardless of position.

MDP Apr 02 '73

Ok in my FFL (USFL) your WR can get points for a Tackle ( INT or Fumble and WR makes the Tackle) If I put D. Hester in as a WR and he Splits time the entire game I can get ALL The points he makes ( KR/PR, INT, TACK, REC, TD) ?? Or will I be limeted to the slot he is in?

yachts360 Mar 27 '73

Ya the Chart is awesome.

joelamosobadiah Mar 22 '73

Dude, that new chart for players stats is SWEET!  
Nice work man.

fleafounder Admin Mar 15 '73

More new features:  
1. Rank players for the draft.  
2. New charts for player and team stats (example).  
3. Multi-position eligibility. For example, Devin Hester is both a DB and a WR.  
Others will be added soon.

breynolds71 Mar 08 '73

do you think that you could put what the date and time is of the draft before you have to join?