fleafounder Admin Jul 25 '72

The new import/edit rosters tool is now live!  
* Includes new auto-complete functionality. Simply start typing a player's name and Fleaflicker will fill in the rest. This substantially reduces the amount of time required to make changes.  
* Addresses issue where some players weren't listed. Now all players are included!  
Try it out and please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.


fleafounder Admin Jun 25 '73

Not all browsers are supported. It should definitely work using Internet Explorer on Windows and Firefox (Mac or Windows).

HawaiianRush Jun 25 '73

this is not working for me i was e-mailing ori about it, but he didnt answer the last e-mail i sent him, i just cant see the text box so i cant type in it...

[Deleted User] May 08 '73

OK it works when ya type the first name also

[Deleted User] May 07 '73

Rudi Johnson  
when typing in last name Johnson; only seeing first names from A to B

fleafounder Admin May 05 '73

What player are you looking for? To my knowledge, all players are listed--just keep typing until a match is found.

[Deleted User] May 05 '73

Not all player's are listed...  
can only see a certain amount of the alaphbet when inserting a player's last name