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FFCSR_Hal Admin Dec 13 '77

We just rolled out and are now supporting Total Roto Leagues and Total Points Leagues for MLB. All sports will be supported soon and we are actively working on and developing transaction counters, game limits, Roto H2H Leagues and Roto H2H Most Leagues. We'll keep you all updated. For now, enjoy the new Total Roto and new Total Points leagues we just deployed.

Let us know if there's anything we can do to help you or help set your league up.


Sidney1965 Dec 15 '77

How do you switch a league over to a roto league?

FFCSR_Hal Admin Dec 15 '77

We'll have that option available shortly. You'll be able to click a button and it will convert your league. It's not live yet, though. In the interim, send your league ID and your request to our e-mail and we'll try and get it done within the next few days or so, but no promises.

Sidney1965 Dec 15 '77

I'm really waiting for the H2H each. I was just curious as I didn't see any way to make a switch. I'd line to see how one looks and works before I switch my current one.