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FFCSR_Hal Admin Dec 13 '77

We just rolled out and are now supporting Total Roto Leagues and Total Points Leagues for MLB. All sports will be supported soon and we are actively working on and developing transaction counters, game limits, Roto H2H Leagues and Roto H2H Most Leagues. We'll keep you all updated. For now, enjoy the new Total Roto and new Total Points leagues we just deployed.

Let us know if there's anything we can do to help you or help set your league up.


barryb1 Dec 13 '77

what are total roto leagues?

FFCSR_Hal Admin Dec 13 '77

Traditional rotisserie leagues where you accrue points for the total season based on your category standing.

FFCSR_Hal Admin Dec 13 '77

So if you are playing in a 5x5 Total Roto League, you will have 10 categories -- Batting Average, Home Runs, Runs, RBIs, SB, Strikeouts, Wins, Saves, ERA, WHIP.

You gain points based on your ranking in that category. The better you are in that category, the most points you will get. The points are based on how many teams are in your league.

deen Dec 13 '77

Roto H2H and Roto Most, does that mean H2H each category and H2H Most Category?

I know what roto is, just never seen it advertised as Roto H2H and Roto Most.

FFCSR_Hal Admin Dec 14 '77

There are two types of roto leagues we have yet to roll out: Roto H2H Most and Roto H2H Each. You go up against an opponent every week in both. In Roto Most, if you win more categories you get a 1-0 record for the week on the standings page. In Roto Each, you play your opponent in every category (like Most) but each category counts cumulatively towards your overall record in the standings. So in Roto Each if we played each other in a 5x5 league and I won 9 of 10 categories, I go 9-1 on the standings page; you, 1-9. In Roto Most, I'd just go to 1-0 there.

deen Dec 14 '77

Yeah, thats how I play on yahoo in cat leagues but its not called roto h2h its just h2h on yahoo..Thats why I was confused..

Got it, thanks.

deen Dec 14 '77

5x5 is standard, are we going to be able to make custom changes to something like 8x8?

FFCSR_Hal Admin Dec 14 '77

Yes, you can go ahead and make those changes now if you want to play Total Rotisserie (entire season). When we roll out the other formats (hopefully by the end of March), you'll be able to customize any of the categories like you can now to make it anything you want. There are really no limitations on categories like other sites.

Dom Dec 15 '77

Thankyou Flea Team!

Sidney1965 Dec 26 '77

Under this set up, the league would really only need one division and there are no playoffs?

Dom Dec 27 '77

In "total" Rotisserie there is no playoff. Your team accumulates stats for the whole year. Your yearly stats are ranked against the yearly stats from all the teams in your league.

Sidney1965 Dec 27 '77

In that kind of league you would only need 1 division than?

Dom Dec 27 '77

Yes, 1 division.