fleafounder Admin Jun 26 '72

The Fantasy Football Guys will check in weekly from now on with their player projections.  
And of course, their podcast is always availble as well.


mapletz Aug 13 '72

I'm just joking by the way.

mapletz Aug 13 '72

Perhaps the rankings could come out more than the day before the games?

fleafounder Admin Jul 16 '72

<a href="/showProjections.do?week=5">Week 5</a> rankings are out.

fleafounder Admin Jul 09 '72

<a href="/showProjections.do?week=4">Week 4</a> projections are in!

fleafounder Admin Jul 03 '72

Thanks for the corrections Tanya.

Tanya Jul 02 '72

the good news is Daniel Smith and Jeremi Johnson are available in most leagues :)

fleafounder Admin Jul 02 '72

<a href="/showProjections.do">Week 3</a> projections are now out!