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fleafounder Admin Jun 05 '76

I added commenting on all news items (very similar to the threaded comments in the forums).

You can now comment directly on a news item.

Try it out: what do you think of Sydney Rice's chances of coming back in less than 8 weeks?


J-J Jun 24 '76

comments aren't showing up again.

i left a comment about ryan grant's injury & it hasn't showed up.

it's been 20 minutes since i made the post.

fleafounder Admin Jun 24 '76

There's more than one news item about Grant

All Grant news:


J-J Jun 24 '76

i just noticed that.

my bad.

J-J Jun 27 '76

can you please verify for me that 2 usernames are coming from the same IP address: "brennanpats" and "brennie"

i have 2 usernames from the same IP address but would never put junglejunky & J-J in the same league. however, i created a public league (& am prolly paying for it) & it would appear this user brendan has 2 teams in the league (6 on 6 - football).

can you please verify this for me?

on a sidenote, it seems all i write to you guys about are complaints & inquiries about possible cheaters. i don't thank you & your production team enough for creating this site. i have really connected with a community on here & would have never done so without the work your team has put in to building this site.

thx -