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fleafounder Admin Aug 26 '10

I added commenting on all news items (very similar to the threaded comments in the forums).

You can now comment directly on a news item.

Try it out: what do you think of Sydney Rice's chances of coming back in less than 8 weeks?


barryb1 Aug 30 '10

nice, but not necessary, and not heavily requested, if at all.

Dynasty001 Aug 30 '10


i will never use this feature.

deen Aug 30 '10

Yeah at first I thought this was kind of neat but after thinking about it I dont care what other owners/posters and even experts think about football. If I wanna talk football i'll do it on a football message board.

I just hope flea adds transaction limits in time for fantasy hoops season..I dont think its gonna happen though, I have no reason to believe it will.

InSpades Aug 31 '10

I need transaction limits for hockey too otherwise my players will stream all day, every day and I can do nothing about it as a commish.

If it doesn't happen soon I might have to keep my pool at Yahoo.

I just wish someone on the Flea staff would tell us the truth. Will it happen for this year: yes or no. We need to plan our pools accordingly.

fleafounder Admin Aug 31 '10

I'll do my best.

deen Aug 31 '10

Yeah, if they're not gonna do it then fine say it so that way I can finish setting up my leagues.

And im sorry "I'll do my best" pretty much tells me it wont happen because it went from "we should have this done by the end of baseball season" to "I'll do my best to have it ready for hoops season"..