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fleafounder Admin May 22 '76

We put out a celebrity version of our fantasy game.

This game cost us virtually zero time to develop. It runs on the same software as our sports games and it's just for fun. No time/resources were taken away from developing our sports games to create it.

Try it out and let us know. If everyone hates it we can always take it down. But I think it's fun.


Rich_Martin Jun 27 '76

Just created a league 'cause I think it is funny. Unfortunately, I found out that I am in the playoff weeks already. When does the next season begin?

fleafounder Admin Jun 27 '76

October. It's a flaw, should make it clear that there are seasons. I suspect that the game will be too nerdy for the casual fans.

luke1982 Jun 29 '76

Ya think!?!