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fleafounder Admin Aug 12 '10

We put out a celebrity version of our fantasy game.

This game cost us virtually zero time to develop. It runs on the same software as our sports games and it's just for fun. No time/resources were taken away from developing our sports games to create it.

Try it out and let us know. If everyone hates it we can always take it down. But I think it's fun.


Dynasty001 Aug 17 '10

Ok question for everyone: If you hate the new idea so much, which I kinda do but not as much as others, why dont u just not join the celeb leagues and hide it on your profile? That way, you dont even know its there.

I joined 1 league just to see it, but dont care about at all... its not hurting anything, especially if it took llike no time to create. Settle down people...

deen Aug 17 '10

Even if we hide it we still know this cheesy game came before baseball improvements and injury update improvements, etc, etc, etc..

deen Aug 17 '10

And I did hide it..Im still upset, hiding it didnt help much...

Dynasty001 Aug 17 '10

ok, well then i cant help you...