fleafounder Admin May 01 '76

Your fantasy games now have play-by-play feeds.

These feeds include every real-life play that generates points in your fantasy game.

Here is an example from my league's championship game from last season.

On game-days this will update live. Let us know if you have any suggestions for this feature.

(Unfortunately play-by-play data is not as accurate as the final box scores which we use to score your games. So sometimes your fantasy play-by-play won't add up to your exact total. But it's usually very close.)


deen May 03 '76

I dont know if this has anything to do with it or not but I noticed ever since you added the play by play feeds the box score sticks on "Monday" instead of "now" when I view my match ups.

fleafounder Admin May 03 '76

Thanks you're right, it's a bug, will fix very soon.

craase May 10 '76

its a nice option. Hows the team QB option coming.

sigeptoast May 02 '76

I like it. Keep up the good work. Are there any other features we can expect before the season starts?