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FFCSR_Doug Jan 16 '76

Two new features:

1. Projected Starting Pitchers Indicator - if the opponent across from a pitcher appears in purple text that means the individual is slated to start.

2. Schedule View - can be accessed by going to the roster, player or fantasy box score pages and clicking on the schedule link on the right hand side. The schedule view is extremely helpful when setting your lineup or picking up free agents in weekly leagues.


deen Jan 16 '76

Nice job guys..

Hey Doug, im just wondering if the box scores will be live before the game starts now?

FFCSR_Doug Jan 17 '76

thanks dean. sorry, what do you mean by "the box scores will be live before the game starts now".

deen Jan 17 '76

Like on yahoo and espn, if a game starts at 6 pm the box scores will come out at around 5:30 with the starting line ups...This helps an owner to see if his #1 1B for an example is in the line up or not, if he isnt then we can sub our 1B.

Right now, your box scores dont show anything until after the game starts.