FFCSR_Doug Dec 21 '75

Exciting news. The revolutionary Fleaflicker iPhone app will be released Sunday, March 21st. We are looking for a group of people to help us get the word out. Individuals in this group will receive free t-shirts, iTunes gift cards and more.


Chiefdustin Dec 31 '75

My first complaint is the fact that it is always bouncing back to NBA. Every time I restart the application the 5 sub-menus on the bottom are all reset to NBA. I only use Fleaflicker for the NFL and it is very annoying to have to keep clicking on NFL. I would like the option to turn off the other sports or at least it have the memory to stay on NFL.

Secondly, no commish powers and no owner powers. I can't set rules, keepers and etc...

On a good note the layout is nice, it is clean looking and user friendly.

Question, will the scores have an auto-update during Sundays?

FFCSR_Hal Admin Dec 31 '75

Thanks for the comments Dustin. I'll address and answer them here:

1) It is refreshing back to the NBA now only because it is NBA season. When it is NFL season, it will refresh back to the NFL and the NFL will be the primary page for the My Team section (like the NBA is now).

2) The scores will auto-update every game for the NFL as well as MLB. They are auto updating now very well for the NBA and NHL.

3) There are limited commish powers right now, you are right; you can draft for your league in an e-mail draft and do other smaller things, but you can't set keepers/rules for the league through the app right now.

We will be working on these requests and other advancements for upcoming versions down the line.

InSpades Dec 31 '75

I think you might be mistaken... it's NHL season right now.

What's an 'NBA'?

FFCSR_Hal Admin Jan 01 '76

Love both!

Chiefdustin Jan 01 '76

Fair enough on the active season being automatic... But your NFL news is constantly updating and the off season is active allowing trades and other roster moves. I have zero interest in any of the other sports so it would be cool to be able to deactivate them. Maybe it's a silly complaint but small things like that change a persons overall outlook on things.

FFCSR_Hal Admin Jan 01 '76

Definitely will take note of this and let Doug and Ori know. Maybe they can tweak something for an upcoming version so this does not happen next off-season.

FFCSR_Hal Admin Jan 01 '76

This will most likely be fixed for the next version. It is probably the most important feature on our agenda to fix for the app along with an international release.

Chiefdustin Dec 31 '75

I love Fleaflicker, I will be downloading the APP now!

How could I help?

scotto1959 Dec 31 '75

E-mail everyone you know with the site info link.

Chiefdustin Dec 31 '75

I'm not going to spam my contacts with this, lol.

TreyD Dec 31 '75

I am in too. tretd7@gmail.com .


FFCSR_Hal Admin Dec 30 '75

Thanks for the support so far everyone. We will be ironing out the details of this tomorrow and will keep all of you updated.

Sidney1965 Dec 30 '75

App Question's...

I'm currently in a draft, it's not my pick but when I go into the players it has a draft button next the the players. If that gets clicked will it draft even though it isn't my turn?

Also, is there any way to invite someone to take over a team from inside the league?

FFCSR_Hal Admin Dec 30 '75

It is most likely showing up there because you are the commissioner of the league and can draft for someone using your commish powers

FFCSR_Hal Admin Dec 30 '75

Don't think you can invite someone to directly take over a team from inside the league on the app like you can do from inside flea on the web. I will make sure of this with Doug or Ori, but I am not aware of that being available (from beta testing and now) for this version.

Sidney1965 Dec 30 '75

Got the new app and I'm playing around with it now... :)

FFCSR_Hal Admin Dec 30 '75

Thanks, Sid

bkardane11 Dec 29 '75

Count me in. bkardane11@yahoo.com for anything I gotta do

C-Free Dec 29 '75

Count me in.