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FFCSR_Doug Dec 21 '75

Exciting news. The revolutionary Fleaflicker iPhone app will be released Sunday, March 21st. We are looking for a group of people to help us get the word out. Individuals in this group will receive free t-shirts, iTunes gift cards and more.


gibbathy Jan 24 '76

Going to make one for Blackberrys?

Kokopelli Mar 18 '76

I really want the answer to this one, because I am currently looking for an upgraded phone and my major reason for wanting a smartphone is to get Fleaflicker on it. I have been with T-Mobile for 12 years, since my first cell phone, and I hate to change companies just because Flea does not yet have mobile capabilities on anything except the IPhone.

DARKSEID Mar 22 '76

You are the Fleaflicker admin, you tell us.