FFCSR_Hal Admin Nov 11 '75

Our founder just implemented a really cool feature for all of us and I'm excited to announce it to everyone: Fantasy box scores for the postseason! It is very cool and you can check it out here:


I know many leagues requested this, so I am glad we were able to provide it for you guys. It is pretty cool and will allow you to see how your players did/are doing fantasy wise past the regular season. It should also help greatly with keeper selections for next year and next year's draft.

You can even run a friendly postseason fantasy competition to be scored by me (info@fleaflicker.com) or your commissioner if they choose to score it for you. Maybe a Super Bowl competition at your choosing, too. Just feel free to let us know. Enjoy!


sheckaman Nov 12 '75

This is great! Any way we could get it tallied for leagues with customized scoring? We use the nfl playoffs for our playoffs, and right now, I have calc it out using an excel sheet.