FFCSR_Doug Nov 07 '75

We are very excited to implement the first, to out knowledge, pro sports box scores specifically geared to the fantasy player.

This is not your traditional box score. You can sort stat by stat, view fantasy points and see what percentage of fantasy users own a player.

Check out the Knicks v T'Wolves box score from last night and let us know your thoughts. fleaflicker.com


cmilkva Nov 28 '75

This is the reason you guys are considered the best. I like it.

fleafounder Admin Nov 27 '75

Fantasy play-by-play is now available too. Lots more on the way.

Here's the superbowl.

InSpades Nov 28 '75

That looks good!

DARKSEID Nov 12 '75

Is there a way you could sync the live scoring with the pro box scores? What I mean by this is that on my live scoring page it only has the team names and on the pro sports box scores it only lists the teams by there mascots. It would be nice if they were both the same because at times I'm not always sure which team is which because I'm not familiar with every teams mascot is.

InSpades Nov 07 '75

I does look good.

However, AOL had it so you could toggle back and forth between your league's live scoring and the pro box scores (with the pro box score's fantasy points reflecting your league's scoring system)

Any chance of that?

FFCSR_Doug Nov 08 '75

Yes, there is a good chance of that down the line.

Sidney1965 Nov 07 '75

Wonderful :)