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FFCSR_Doug Jul 20 '75

Projections are now live across the site. You can view them on the following pages:

Team roster

Free agent (fantasy and actual stats)

League Matchup

Individual Game Box Score

Home Page > Stats Tab

These are predictions and are only a reference for helping you make a selection.

As always pass along suggestions for how we can improve. One thing we do plan on adding is the ability to filter free agents by fantasy points.


Gaald Aug 01 '75

So people ask for projections, you bring them back and they complain, people ask for logo's you implement them and they complain.

How about adding the Team Victory option you have promised our league for the last several years. I guarantee you we won't complain if implemented and it will actually be USEFUL for anyone who wants to take advantage of the added stat!

This extra stuff is useless time consuming fluff, that apparently very few are going to appreciate anyways!