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FFCSR_Doug Jul 16 '75

As you may have noticed on the sign in page, Fleaflicker will be offering fantasy basketball and hockey very soon. As soon as both are made available on the site we will provide more information.


LLcooljay Jul 26 '75

I am trying to set up my league to allow 9 forward positions..The site will not allow me to do this..I have restrictions, such as, C/LW/RW..

My offline draft is currently at another site, but I would like to bring it here..

Is there any way I can set my league in this format? (No restrictions on forward positions)


FFCSR_Doug Jul 26 '75

Try creating a flex position with C/LW/RW. Also be loose with the position maximum for this. Example set C minimum to 0, maximum to 9.

LLcooljay Jul 28 '75