FFCSR_Doug Jul 16 '75

As you may have noticed on the sign in page, Fleaflicker will be offering fantasy basketball and hockey very soon. As soon as both are made available on the site we will provide more information.


jaron45 Aug 07 '75

what time does the game start on basketball

LLcooljay Jul 28 '75

Just another question..I want to have a straight up points pool..Not weekly head to head...

How do I set this or is that not an option? thanks..

LLcooljay Jul 30 '75


XxJohnson_09xX Jul 30 '75

i dont think that is an option but i am not quite sure

FFCSR_Doug Jul 30 '75

You just have to ignore the head to head results and sort by the points for column on the standings page. Working on implementing a total points option though.

LLcooljay Jul 26 '75

I am trying to set up my league to allow 9 forward positions..The site will not allow me to do this..I have restrictions, such as, C/LW/RW..

My offline draft is currently at another site, but I would like to bring it here..

Is there any way I can set my league in this format? (No restrictions on forward positions)


FFCSR_Doug Jul 26 '75

Try creating a flex position with C/LW/RW. Also be loose with the position maximum for this. Example set C minimum to 0, maximum to 9.

LLcooljay Jul 28 '75


IceOnFire Jul 24 '75

I'd like to get a clarification on how we can setup scoring for the weekly Head to Head leagues. My current leagues is setup to add the avg scoring for each player during a week. That way the number of games is not an issue. Is this an option we have with FleaFlicker Basketball?

dhschirf Jul 23 '75

i assume hockey isnt ready to go, i tried setting up a league with 9 Forwards instead of RW, LW, and C and there are bugs on that setup screen.

Rantuckjr Jul 20 '75

Is head to head each matchup an option for scoring. If we have 11 scoring categories will the record for the week look like 8-3 or is it just 1-0? We need to move from ESPN, but this would be a problem.

FFCSR_Doug Jul 20 '75

At the moment that format is not an option. We will be working on it though for a midseason release.

FFCSR_Doug Jul 19 '75

The game is very similar to what is currently available for Football & Baseball :

- Head to Head Fantasy Points Style

- Daily or Weekly Lineup Locking

One difference is the default league size is 10 teams. This will allow for public leagues to fill up quicker and have a player pool that is not too thin.

All the features that are currently available for football & baseball are there for hockey and basketball. We want to hear from you guys on suggestions to improve it (know rotisserie, total points, maxing the number of games a player can play in a week/season are all important).

ssuperflash Jul 19 '75

Great job Flea, going to joined as many leagues as I can.