fleafounder Admin May 25 '72

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More new features and improvements on the way later this week.


Shame Mar 20 '73

Left my comment and voted

CBrandonChapman Jul 17 '72

The only thing left is FANTASY BASEBALL!!!

fleafounder Admin Jun 13 '72

Wow--that is quite the testimonial. Thanks!

MrWest Jun 13 '72

left comment.

fleafounder Admin Jun 10 '72

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WildThings Jun 03 '72

I am new to FleaFlicker and a really like what I see so far. This is the first year for our league to be on this site and am looking to have a good time with the league and FleaFlicker

fleafounder Admin May 31 '72

Thanks guys your comments are amazing!

PiratePaul May 31 '72

Ori, I went there from E.S.C. per Deadwoods urging (threating actually) and was pleased to tell everyone that fleaflicker is the only place for quality and ease of use Fantasy Football. I love it here, even with Deadbeat Dawgz hanging around. OOps did I say that out loud? Sorry Deadwood.