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fleafounder Admin Sep 01 '09

If you've had a keeper league here for at least one season, you can now view past drafts round-by-round.

This is much more convenient than paging through the transaction log.

For example, here is my keeper league's 2005 draft.


tcostant Sep 02 '09

This is not working if you skipped picks due to keepers.

You can see here that it looks like some teams picked twice within the round; when the preferred format would be all 10 teams and either show a player or "no pick" for each round. It is pleasing to the eyes the way it is.

fleafounder Admin Sep 02 '09

Yeah I noticed that too. I'll fix that soon. Drafts with trades don't display correctly.

fleafounder Admin Sep 02 '09

It should be fixed now.

tcostant Sep 03 '09

Not fixed - looks the same.